Love Speedway

Speedway is in the blood in East Anglia.

And here at Love Speedway24, we intend to reflect that with our Love Speedway web site, that will bring you ALL the latest news and views from across the eastern region, from Ipswich to Lakeside, King’s Lynn to Rye House, Peterborough to Mildenhall, as well as all the national news.

And we want your input too.

So please, get involved, tell us why you love speedway? Send us your pictures and videos, from the big bowl at Alwalton, to the tricky turns of Lakeside.

What are your best speedway memories? Your favourite riders? Best track, defunct or current?

And join in my webchat and blog.

Brought to you by Archant, publishers of the East Anglian Daily Times and Evening Star, and powered by Green’Un on-line, Love Speedway24 is set to evolve into THE speedway web site for our clubs here in the eastern region.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about the site, let us know.

We know you love speedway and so do we, 24 hours a day.

Mike Bacon
Green 'Un Online editor